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Everything you need to know about red lipstick

Everything you need to know about red lipstick

One of the best-selling lipsticks ever is the red one; Hollywood divas, movie stars and red carpet models still opt for this cosmetic which is much more than a normal accessory, but a real style icon. Who wouldn’t want to feel like a diva for one night?  Let’s enter the magical world of red lipsticks, discovering their … Read more

Tips and tricks to apply lipstick perfectly

How to apply lipstick perfectly

It can happen to everyone to have a very bright lipstick, an intense red or a fuchsia, but not knowing how to apply it. Stained teeth, inaccurate edges or unsightly smudges can in fact turn your favorite cosmetic into an instrument of torture!  How to apply lipstick perfectly? Don’t panic; some steps may not be simple, but … Read more